Aerocoupe Rear Window Information

Distorted Rear View

If you have good images of an Aerocoupe or 2+2, specifically of the rear window / trunk area, please email them to

Info and article by J. Matthew Daugherty


  1. 86 Aerocoupe glass
      The 86 Aerocoupes were built nearly identical1 to each other and thusly have the same rear defrost option: i.e. none. Also, the 86 backglass has a wider black border on the inside outer edge than the 87 Aerocoupe backglass.
  2. 87 Aerocoupe glass without defrost
      The 87 Aerocoupe backglass without defrost was identical to the 1986 glass except for the black border around the edge being narrower than the 86 item.
  3. 87 Aerocoupe glass with defrost
      The 87 Aerocoupe backglass with defrost added horizontal defrost lines on the center rectangular area of the window
  4. 86 & 87 Pontiac 2+2 glass
      The Pontiac Grand Prix 2+2 backglass is entirely different and will not interchange with Monte Carlo SS Aerocoupe backglass. The only area that would meet up correctly is the section which meets the rear window of the body. The taper of the sides of the glass along the quarter panel, the overall length, the rear edge is not flush to the level of the quarter panel.

  1. info thanks to the 1986 Aerocoupe registry at